Creating happiness, organically. 

Empowering nature to ensure your health and happiness through food.

About Greentatwa

We are a company born out of the idea of creating an ecosystem of solutions that provide a better and happier life. We believe the core ingredient to a happy life starts from what we consume as food.

Our Vision

To develop agricultural systems and foster multi-stakeholder collaboration to achieve sustainable and inclusive growth globally

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable the best practices in farming to build healthier communities with our innovative food cultivation practices while sticking to our traditional roots. We aim to be an end-to-end, sustainable integrator bringing together innovative technology and global practices at affordable practices using outreach models.


The Greentatwa goal is to be a global force in this space to ensure food-security while catering to widespread tastes and needs.

Empowering Farmers

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With wrong farming methods, we turn fertile land into desert. Unless we go back to organic farming and save the soil, there is no future.

- Jaggi Vasudev

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