Health lends itself to happiness.

Re-nourishing soil and natural resources to bring the best quality nourishment to your table

Who are we?

For generations, our soil has been abused by harmful toxins that have corrupted our produce which has affected our health both mentally and physically. At Greentatwa we have invested in the idea of replenishing the nutrients of nature to prepare truly fresh and organic produce. 

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Empowered by Nature

We believe real change begins by empowering our farmers and our lands.

Empowering Farmers

Our initiative aims to invest in education and technology for farmers across the country to ensure high-quality, sustainable and profitable business structures.


We aim to reach customers across India, by empowering farmers with the best resources for organic cultivation. Further, to support a major farm in Pudducherry and our other growing locations we also offer buy-back to out farmers.

Empowering Nature

We believe empowered nature is just as important as empowered farmers for healthy, organic food. While it can take very long for soil to replenish, Greentatwa has re-nourished 1000s of acres to ensure maximum fertility. 

With the highest quality ingredients and technologically driven processes, our pesticide-free products make sure both the consumers and the soil stay equally healthy.

Empowering People

A lot of the modern ailments in society today can be traced back to our lifestyle habits, and a major contributor to these ailments are our dietary habits. Thanks to our organic practices, we ensure that every product sold at Greentatwa is carefully tested on international standards and our stringent benchmarks of how we define ‘high quality’.

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